Fixing School Lunches

May 3, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

The Economist looked at how the private sector is helping public schools offer healthier meals in the United States:

  • In the public school system meals are usually made in a process similar to airline food. It is manufactured in a large center, then frozen, packaged, and shipped across the country.
  • Little wonder then that many children choose not to eat the free lunches and either go hungry or resort to junk food.
  • Revolution Foods is trying to change that by using locally sourced ingredients. Children are also asked for their feedback on the meals that are produced and this ultimately leads to food that is healthy and which children actually like to eat.
  • Revolution Foods also receives daily reports on what is and isn’t being eaten and uses it to either update its menu or convince students to try new things.

Read more about the challenges that Revolution Foods faces and the problem with school lunches over here.

Source: The Economist