Extreme House-Sitting

July 1, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Lucy Wallis looked at the practice of extreme house sitting:

  • With almost a million empty homes across the UK, homeowners need to find a way to ensure their properties aren’t vandalized or burglarized while they’re waiting for the properties to be sold.
  • Companies have sprung up that match those who need a place to live, with those who need people to live in their properties.
  • In exchange for a small rent (as little as £180 – $274 – a month for a 35 bedroom mansion) an individual agrees to live in the property and protect it.
  • There are certain restrictions – the house-sitter can’t host any parties, has to have a stable income, and can’t have a criminal record. They must also stay for at least three months.
  • It’s not just homes. Uninhabited hospitals, pubs, schools, police stations, observatories, and even a theme park need a sitter.

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Source: BBC