Dating Around The World

September 5, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Chris Bucholz looked at some of the odder dating scenes around the world:

  • Iceland has a population of just 300,000, and this led to a problem where people were unknowingly dating their cousins. The Cousin Alarm app is now used so that Icelanders can find out if they’re inadvertently seeing relatives.
  • In Indian arranged marriages it is important for the families to be sure of the quality of the pairing. And so due diligence is done through private investigators who conduct background checks on the bride and groom.
  • In Japan men seem to be uninterested in sex. In fact men falling in love with pillows or video games – often imagined to be underage – are an increasing issue.
  • Singapore has such a low birth rate that the government encourages successful individuals to get romantically involved through government organized cruises and dances.

The full list is funny, well written, and talks about how China in many ways faces the opposite problem to Japan and why unwed couples should perhaps be careful on the streets of India over here.

Source: Cracked