Congress Deserves A Raise

April 7, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Americans rate colonoscopies and cockoroaches more highly than they rate America’s House of Representatives writes Daniel Schuman. They should be given a raise:

  • Congress members currently make what sounds like a very generous $174,000 a year.
  • Yet when they “retire” to become lobbyists they can see their pay jump to a million dollars. This creates an incentive to quickly create connections and then leave.
  • By hiking the pay of politicians, a more qualified group of individuals will see the job as a promising alternative and will run for office.
  • Singapore pays its ministers millions of dollars – part of the reason why it’s one of the best managed countries in the world.

Read more about the plight of Congressional staffers, how the President’s salary compares and more over here.

Source: Slate