Comic Books With Soundtracks?

March 11, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Kyle Wagner writes that soon your comic book on a tablet might come with a soundtrack:

  • Marvel is experimenting with dynamic soundtracks as you turn the page.
  • These tracks don’t loop. Rather they’re dependent on the context and what you’re doing. They adapt to you, rather than you being forced to adapt to them.
  • The idea is to add more emotional resonance to comics. Just as in movies where the music becomes triumphant as the enemy is vanquished, so too in comic books a little background score would enhance the experience.
  • Right now comic book writers suggest a colour palette when they write their script. Soon they might start recommending musical cues.

Read more about this future of comics, the two track approach that Marvel is using, some of the weaknesses of the idea, and how it will evolve over here.

Source: Gizmodo