Are Video Games Too Easy?

January 2, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Jesse Meixsell believes that video games have become easier over the years. Highlights of his argument include:

  • In the past a game’s ‘tutorial’ came on the printed manual sold along with the game. Then they came as optional side-quests. Nowadays they’re baked into the opening levels of the game.
  • The increasing use of scripted events in games means that there are fewer opportunities to create our own strategies.
  • Overall things are easier. Features that used to require cheat codes are now available for all. You rarely have to worry about aiming your gun, running out of ammo, or even running out of health.
  • Publishers might be making things so easy so that they appeal to a wider audience.

Read more about the length of games, whether or not this trend should upset us, and more about the overall difficulty of the games presented to us today, over here.

Source: Venture Beat