A School That Doesn’t Charge Until You Get Paid

March 17, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Marcus Wohlsen writes about a school that doesn’t charge you…until you get paid. Highlights include:

  • App Academy offers a 9 week 810 hour course that teaches students how to become expert programmers.
  • The classes are free. If graduates of the course get employed then they pay 15% of what they earn in the first year of their job.
  • This puts the onus on the instructors to give a high quality learning experience – since they won’t get paid if the students don’t.
  • The biggest risk to App Academy is students who join without any real intention of finding a job. To prevent this App Academy requires students to sign a good-faith agreement and pay a $3,000 refundable deposit.
  • Admission is competitive. Less than 10% of applicants are accepted.

To read how much money graduates can expect to make, why this is fairly lucrative for the academy, and the types of people who have signed up click here.

Source: Wired

Via: Marginal Revolution