A Market For Lies

June 30, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Bob Shaw took a look at an entrepreneur serving an interesting market:

  • Paladin Deception Services offers to tell lies for $54 per deception
  • The most popular deception is for Paladin to lie about a job-seeker’s job history, pretending to be a reference that doesn’t exist
  • Lying to spouses about where an individual is one night, and helping people take time off from work through sick leave or family bereavement are also popular deceptions
  • When making calls the staff use technical know-how to use any area code that the individual would like
  • The company keeps on the payroll both males and females who can speak in various accents to help make the deception believable

Read more about how Facebook kicked Paladin off its site, when Paladin works with law enforcement agencies, and more over here.

Source: Twin Cities

Via: Marginal Revolution