A Country Of Emperors

January 13, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

“Little Emperors” is the term given to children who were born after China’s one-child policy was enacted as these individuals didn’t have to vie with a sibling for the resources and affection of their elders. But growing up an emperor has developmental consequences according to a study reported on by Steve Connor:

  • Children born after the policy was enacted are more risk-adverse. This might mean that China’s current and future generations will be less entrepreneurial than the previous one.
  • They also suffer from “sibling deprivation”. This makes them more self-centered and less cooperative.
  • The study also found that those born after the legislation was passed are more pessimistic, less trusting, and less trustworthy.

Read more about some of the other effects of being born into the one child only era, why this research contradicts some of the findings from the west, and what the authors of the study have to say over here.

Source: The Independent