Why it’s a Good Time to be an Individual Investor

March 14, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Abnormal Returns takes a look at why individual investors have it better now than ever before:

  • Sites such as Twitter draw attention to the very best ideas and practices, making it easier for investors to identify opportunities amid the mass of information accessible on the web.
  • With the vast range of instruments available individual investors can easily build a diversified global portfolio.
  • Computer algorithms allow you to avoid having to micro-manage your portfolio.
  • Real time stock quotes – a dream reserved for those willing to pay top dollar – are now available to all.
  • Brokerage fees are being driven closer and closer to zero, allowing you to make trades for free.

To read more about some of the unbelievable advancements made, what investment strategy you should pick based on access to all the technologies available to us, and the behavioural biases that work against us when we invest, click here.

Source: Abnormal Returns

Via: Newmark’s Door