Why Are Young People So Anxious About Relationships?

March 31, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

There are a lot of eligible mates around so why is it that men and women become anxious about relationships in their early-20s and lose all patience? Datingwise reports:

  • The phenomenon is mostly due to the transformation of courtship from “romance” to “relationships”
  • In romance you limit yourself to people who are your age and single.
  • In the more modern relationship system it’s normal for people of vastly different ages and martial statuses to be in a relationship with one another.
  • Moreover in romance there is a clear evolution and destination. In the relationship system the relationship might be the end unto itself rather than a stepping stone to a wider commitment.
  • After a few bad relationships individuals become increasingly cynical and disheartened by relationships and seem to give up.

To read why this is not a huge social problem, why our society will just have to evolve and create a new social script, and the role that gender identity plays, click here.

Source: Datingwise

Via: Newmark’s Door