What Happens To Romney’s Campaign Jet?

November 7, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Let’s face it: the biggest reason to run for President is that you get to travel around in a private jet while you campaign. (It’s mostly a tease for the sweet ride you get if you actually win.) But what happens with the private jet after the candidate no longer needs it? Nick Summers reported:

  • The plane will have to be cleaned out. During the campaign it’ll have carried hundreds of people thousands of miles without much of a break. Things will be messy in there.
  • Governor Romney had fairly simple requirements and didn’t change things around on his jet much – but for the candidates that do, the plane must be reconfigured to its original layout.
  • The custom campaign paint job on the body of the jet will also have to be removed.
  • Luckily the owners of the plane have the experience to do the job well. The plane that flew Romney across the country has also flown musical group U2 and the hockey team, Boston Bruins.

Read more about how Romney acted as a passenger, and the other aircraft that he used over here.

Source: Business Insider