What Airline Routes Tell Us About America

October 28, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Airline routes can tell us a lot about a country’s economy, culture, and history writes David Yanofsky:

  • International air travel in the US has more than doubled since 1999.
  • The most frequently travelled route is New York – London, a journey that 2,451,521 passengers undertook last year.
  • Honolulu – Tokyo, and New York – Toronto come next in the list although they barely carry half as many passengers as the New York – London route.
  • If grouped by region however, Latin America beats out Western Europe, as the most popular destination.
  • The China-US route has grown 144% over the past eight years.
  • Popular airline routes can also tell us something about a city’s demographics. The Korean diaspora in Los Angeles is the reason why the LA-Seoul route is the seventh most travelled.

Read more about what this tells us about the United States, and find a fascinating infographic over here.

Source: Quartz

Via: Marginal Revolution