Things More Dangerous Than Sharks

August 16, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

It’s Shark Week this week, an annual event that is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Micah Zenko argues that more people have probably died from shark-attacks on screen than in real life. Since less than one America dies each year from shark attacks he compiled a list of things more deadly to Americans than sharks:

  • Dogs. Man’s best friend has a murderous streak – canines kill 16 people a year.
  • Fireworks. They may finish off a Disney Land show but they also finish off 6.6 people a year.
  • Trampolines. Perhaps it’s an Olympic sport because 1.1 people die on one every year.
  • Skydiving. To be fair this is really just natural selection at work. Americans don’t really have…feathers.

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Source: Foreign Policy

Via: Freakonomics