The Time of Day When You’re Most Creative

March 20, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Researchers analyzed if there were particular times of day when people were more likely to be creative. PsyBlog reported on the (surprising) results:

  • “Morning-People” were better at coming up with creative solutions in the evening. “Evening-People” did their best creating thinking in the morning.
  • The potential explanation for this counter-intuitive result is that creativity requires a certain amount of dissociation from reality, which only drowsiness can bring.
  • On the flip side though just because an idea is creative doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Morning people might laugh at the ideas they produced in the evening when viewed in the harsh light of the (morning) sun.

To read the methodology of the study and how a parachute for a sandwich fits into all of this click here.

Source: PsyBlog

Via: Freakonomics