The People Who Make Social Games Possible

November 3, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Some of the most popular games are free to play thanks to a small group of players writes Ryan Rigney:

  • Some of the most popular games have adopted a “freemium” model where the game itself is free to play, but players willing to spend real money are allowed to purchase in-game items. These purchases pay for the games’ development costs.
  • The developers rely on players called whales – individuals willing to invest significant amounts of cash into the game.
  • Each game generally has only a few whales that drive the revenues for the game. The top 10 percent of spenders can make up 50% of revenue.
  • Opponents of the practice say that these people are simply buying their way to victory.
  • Defenders point out that fans of rock bands aren’t faulted for obsessively spending money on buying every bit of the band’s memorabilia.

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Source: Wired