The Life Of A (Russian) Galley Slave

August 29, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

In 2008 Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia, stated that the effort required to rule Russia was equivalent to being a “Galley Slave.” The Russian Opposition (admittedly not the most reliable source on the matter) has released a report that outlines exactly what this lifestyle entails. Adam Martin collected some of the highlights, including:

  • Putin has access to four yachts. One of them has a waterfall.
  • He also has access to 43 aircraft including helicopters, executive jets, and a jumbo jet with an $18 million cabin outfitted by jewelers. It has a $75,000 bathroom.
  • He also owns at least 11 luxury watches that are collectively worth $687,000.

Find the full report here.

Source: The Atlantic