The Latest Fashion Among Gun-Owners

May 27, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Making it easier to access pistols and knives is the latest trend in fashion reports Matt Richtel:

  • The rise of laws more conducive to concealed guns has led to a new line of clothing that helps people to better conceal the weapons they are carrying.
  • In contrast to the previous look that included camouflage markings similar to those used by the military, the more recent trend is for normal looking clothes to have compartments that can hide weapons.
  • Some innovations include a vest where the gun owner can pretend to warm their hands in their pockets but in reality grip onto a firearm in high-tension situations.
  • Under Armour has developed a line of weapon-concealing vests that wick moisture away, ensuring that there’s no danger of rust building on the guns.
  • Wearers of this fashion say that it maximizes uncertainty – those with ill intentions can never know if the people around them are armed if they look to be sporting common clothing.

To read more and find links where you can buy some of this clothing, what science has to say about “maximum uncertainty”, why you should dress for the weapon and not for fashion, what makes Illinois an exception, and what some of the other clothing innovations are, click here.

Source: New York Times

Via: Marginal Revolution