The Future Of Warfare Is Mutants

December 26, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

We should prepare for a future where genetic warfare is a possibility writes David Axe:

  • Future soldiers could be genetically modified so that they don’t feel fear or consider a retreat.
  • However, Americans are generally squeamish about genetic modification. It is a feeling that other countries don’t share. Both China and Russia are likely experimenting with genetically modified soldiers.
  • These techniques might filter down to terrorist groups giving them advantages that American troops don’t have.
  • In the future battlefield it might also be possible to launch a weapon that alters the genetic makeup of enemy soldiers, thus rendering them more fearful, or less effective as fighters.
  • Future assassins might also target the DNA of opposing political leaders, giving them forms of cancer tailored specifically to their medical profile. The American state department already collects the DNA of foreign diplomats.

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Source: Wired