The Future Of Police Cars

November 29, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Each year the LA Design Challenge asks major automobile companies to predict the future. This year they were asked to suggest what law enforcement might look like in 2025. Some of the ideas that stood out included:

  • General Motors outlined a future where highway patrol uses different, specialized vehicles based on the task at hand. Depending on the objective, the police can choose a vehicle specially designed to either “observe”, “pursue”, or “engage”.
  • Honda saw the police of the future operating out of a vehicle that acted as a command and control center. That vehicle would simply monitor the roads, and then could launch unmanned road-drones that could pursue and pull-over wayward drivers.
  • BMW combined the best of GM’s and Honda’s ideas. It too envisions a future where the police operate out of a single mothership like vehicle with the ability to launch drones. However it envisions the cops being able to launch different types of specialized drones depending upon the situation.
    • In heavy traffic a flying drone can descend upon a suspicious driver, and in other scenarios the police can launch a ground drone to pursue their target.

Read Subaru’s, Honda’s and Mercedes’ speculations about the future of law enforcement over here.

Source: Autoblog

Via: Popular Science