The Future Of Drones

August 8, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

We’re watching the beginnings of a revolution in drone technology. Owen Bowcott and Nick Hopkins looked at what its future could be:

  • They could be used in search and rescue missions by going places that humans can’t go such as ash clouds.
  • Currently forest fires aren’t doused at night and are allowed to burn. Drones could continue to fight fires overnight.
  • Drones no bigger than a hummingbird are being equipped with cameras for crowd monitoring purposes.
  • One company produces drones that are disguised as birds which fly around and scare away geese at airports so that they don’t get sucked into engines.
  • Biological drones are being developed as well. This involves implanting electrodes into the brains of birds to control them.
  • A Welsh developmental agency wants a drone that could count sheep.

The full article is much wider in scope and looks at where the drone market currently is, and what’s needed to help it fulfill some of its early potential. The drone revolution could be just as transformative as the computing one, and if you’re interested in finding out the full picture, click here.

Source: The Guardian

Via: Marginal Revolution