The Euro Crisis And Insurance Fraud

September 8, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

The Eurozone crisis has made many desperate to find funds to pay their bills. One avenue that people have turned to is insurance fraud writes Joseba Elola. Some of the more notable cases from Spain include:

  • One woman claimed to have been bitten by a dog, creating a phobia of dogs which prevented her from going to work. The insurance company produced a video of her happily leaving the house to go to her job…at a canine hair salon.
  • Immigrants are burning down their properties to collect the insurance money and fund their migration to another country with better prospects.
  • One man was convinced by his family to take out a €600,000 insurance policy on his arm, and then to cut it off, ostensibly by accident. He was caught because the cut was too clean and he had tried to take off the wedding ring from the severed arm.
  • Certain types of fraud are on the decline. People are not calling in sick as frequently because they don’t want to risk their job.

It’s an upsetting article that shows the desperation that is beginning to set in. You can find it here.

Source: El Pais

Via: Marginal Revolution