The Economics of Selling Weed

April 25, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Jeff Winkler had the opportunity to sit down with a drug dealer who primarily dealt in marijuana. Highlights from the interview include:

  • The drug dealer holds a legitimate job, but on most weeks he makes about $400. On really good weeks he might make up to $600.
  • He estimates his hourly wage to be $36.
  • He got started selling drugs because he realized that as a supplier he would essentially be able to smoke it for free.
  • Without dealing drugs he would be forced to live paycheck to paycheck. This way he is able to afford luxuries for himself such as foreign beers.
  • He believes that the risk of him spending time in jail for a first offense is low because he’s white.

To read the three part interview, and to find out about supply-and-demand in the drug dealing world, whether he intends to turn his drug business into a franchise or a pyramid scheme, why he might soon keep a lawyer on retainer, and whether or not he is willing to extend his customers credit, among many other topics, click here.

Source: The Bill Fold

Via: Newmark’s Door