The Economics Of Meteorites

May 30, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Audrey Tempelsman explored the growing market for meteorites:

  • Starting in the 90s the market price of meteorites began to soar.
  • Some attribute this to the rise of the internet and its ability to create online markets that are easily accessible by all.
  • Others suggest that value started to rise because there were a string of high-profile auctions and news stories that discussed the stunning amounts that meteorites could sell for.
  • Meteorites from Mars can be worth $1,000 a gram. Only 61 out of 41,000 meteorite specimens are from Mars.
  • Different countries have different laws about meteorites. In the United States it belongs to the owner of the land where it crashed. In Japan it’s finders-keepers. In India meteorites must be handed over to museums.

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Source: The Naked Scientists

Via: Marginal Revolution