Should you Donate to a Campaign or a Super-PAC?

February 21, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Would your political donations be more effectively used by a candidate’s individual campaign? Or by a Super-PAC that might support it? Slate looked at the pros and cons of both:

  • If you donate to a candidate you might get better value for money. And you can earmark your funds for certain purposes, giving you greater control over the money.
  • Super-PACs might not necessarily spend the money on the causes and candidates you agree with. On the other hand if you want to support a general movement or cause then Super-PACs know more about which candidates need the money the most.
  • If you want your money to be used for negative attack ads, then Super-PACs are probably your best bet.

To read more about what happens to your funds if your candidate drops out, the laws relating to campaign donations, and what individual PACs have done with their funding click here.

Source: Slate