Should Forrest Gump Have Driven or Flown?

May 14, 2012 in Snips

We have established that Forrest’s run across the United States cost him $23,294.27 in today’s dollars. If you were considering emulating Gump’s feat then compared to other modes of transportation, such as an airplane or a car, how does running the same distance compare in economic terms?

The average cost of an airplane flight per mile is close to 42 cents. This brings the cost of Forrest’s journey by air to a mere $6,404.16. Or Forrest could drive. Since he doesn’t appear to have a car, spending most of the movie sitting at a bus stop bench, he’d have to purchase one for his 10 day, 9 hour journey. A good used car can be found for around $13,200, and gas would run about $2,632.06. He would need to buy food and assuming that he only has to consume 2,800 calories since he’s driving not running, that would be $14 a day.

Overall then travelling the distance by car today would cost $15,986 – or around $7,300 less than it cost to run. This proves one thing: Forrest Gump must have really enjoyed running. Centives can sympathize. Running provides an unrivaled feeling of serenity and freedom. To Forrest Gump this feeling was worth $23,294.27. Good thing so many people like shrimp.

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