Planet of the Apes?

April 4, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Monkeys in New Delhi have caused havoc for local businesses and have even led to the deaths of individuals. In 2007 the courts ordered New Delhi’s government to transport all wild monkeys to a wildlife sanctuary. Stephanie Nolan reports on why the government has been unsuccessful and other details of the problem:

  • The city has tried upping the price paid per monkey caught from $8 to $15 but only one person applied for the job despite extensive advertisements.
  • This is partly because of the reverence attached to monkeys due to Hanuman, the monkey form of the Hindu God. But most people are just too scared of the monkeys.
  • Companies have taken to hiring individuals to patrol the perimeters of their complexes and throw pebbles to keep monkeys away.
  • The city reports that “the monkeys are winning.”

To read more details of the problem, where the monkeys prefer to live, and other initiatives that have been taken to solve the problem, click here.

Source: The Globe and Mail

Via: Marginal Revolution