Photography At The Speed Of Light

August 18, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Ramesh Raskar and his team at MIT developed a camera that can take pictures so fast that it is possible to watch light travel. In the TED talk above he discusses the applications of such a camera:

  • It is theoretically possible to take a picture of the inside of a fruit. This would allow you to determine whether or not it’s ripe just by taking a photo of it.
  • Cars that can see around corners and prevent possible collisions.
  • Medical imaging devices that can see inside your body with nothing but a burst of standard light, allowing you to avoid harmful x-rays.

The entire talk is fascinating and in it Dr. Raskar explains in extremely simple terms how all of this is possible, what the future may look like, how such technologies would work, and why it is about time. Watch the full video embedded above.

Source: TED

Via: Kottke