Pet Funerals

September 12, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

We’ve seen restaurants with menus designed specifically for pets. It turns out that there are crematoriums and other such services that operate on largely the same principles. Eric Spitznagel wrote:

  • The pet after-care industry has grown tremendously – some report growth rates of hundreds and thousands of percent annually. In 2011 it was worth $52.87 billion.
  • Some of the services offered include $1,765 bronze grave markers and $1,135 velvet lined caskets. You can also get your pet freeze dried, embalmed, or have a diamond made of their remains.
  • According to one service provider, families are quite likely to complain about the cost of burying/cremating their human relatives. They never complain about the cost of after care services for their pets.
  • Some suggest it is because baby boomers find their only source of companionship in their pets after their children leave home or their spouses pass away. But young people are just as likely to use these services.

Read more including some of the other options offered, and why people from Ohio will bury their dogs in Pennsylvania, but not their relatives, over here.

Source: Business Week