Pay Differentials between Men and Women by Major

February 16, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Catherine Rampell recently took a look at data released by PayScale and used it to comment on gender in the workplace:

  • Women still only earn about 81% of men’s income for similar work.
  • The gap between male and female pay is largest in the highest paying professions.
  • The differences in pay also vary by the major that the individual studied.

Centives re-produced the data in an easily sortable format below:

  • The table shows that according to PayScale data women can only expect to receive a higher salary than men if they major in information technology.
  • The largest differential in pay happens among those who major in Architecture, Education, and Criminal Justice

To read more about the limitations of the data as well as the statistical relationship between pay differentials and proportion of females who study the major click here.

Source: New York Times