More Bad Employment News

December 5, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Long term technological trends are about to put another group of American workers out of business: The Dolphins. Michael Blausten wrote:

  • 14 of the 19 American navy ships damaged since 1950 have been damaged by mines.
  • The Navy keeps 18 dolphins at hand to search for mines in the ocean. Their sonar, eyesight, and intelligence make them the ideal mine detectors.
  • However the Navy has now developed an unmanned underwater robot that can work longer hours, is easier to train, and doesn’t need to be paid the herring and sardines that the dolphins demand.
  • The current generation of worker dolphins aren’t lining up in front of the welfare office yet. The Navy is finding jobs for them searching for mines buried underneath the sea floor – which drones can’t detect – or as entertainers. The fate of the next generation is as yet, unclear.

Read more about the dolphin retirement package, and other uses the dolphins can be put to over here.

Source: New York Post

Via: Marginal Revolution