Mannequins That Look Back At You

November 23, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

The next time you look at a mannequin, keep in mind that it might be looking back at you. Andrew Roberts described the latest in mannequin-technology:

  • Mannequins are now coming equipped with cameras that allow the store to monitor you.
  • The cameras record your age, gender, and race and the store uses that information to maximize their sales
    • One store found that Chinese visitors generally left from one exit. It used that data to dispatch Chinese speaking staff to that exit.
  • The mannequins can even learn to identify sales staff and then exclude them from its analysis.
  • Soon the mannequins will also be able to hear what you say, to find out what you think about the outfits they’re wearing.
  • This technology allows traditional retailers to compete with online stores which use detailed information from your computer to identify your shopping habits.

Read more about the legal issues related to the practice, other ways this technology can be used, and why it’s better than overhead store cameras over here.

Source: Bloomberg