Killer Dolphins

October 13, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

In Red Alert 2, a computer game, players were allowed to train killer dolphins to attack their enemy’s units. As it turns out this wasn’t too far removed from reality. Robert Beckhusen took a look at all the different ways that navies have (allegedly) used dolphins for combat purposes:

  • Ukraine is said to be experimenting with knives and guns attached to the heads of dolphins.
  • The country is also teaching the dolphins to search for mines and to mark them with buoys.
  • The US has experimented with trained dolphins that would prevent enemy combatants from landing on the shore.
  • The Russians, being aware of all the ways that their enemies have trained dolphins, have taught their commandos to fight dolphins in hand-to-hand (hand-to-fin?) combat.
  • It’s not just dolphins that get to have all the fun. America uses Sea Lions that attach clamps to potential threats which can then be reeled in like fish.
  • Countries have to be careful though. Dolphins aren’t the best at differentiating between enemy and friendly. Or to put it in the US navy’s words: “it would not be wise to give that kind of decision authority to an animal”

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Source: Wired