How Star Wars Seduced A New Generation

October 5, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Star Wars has seduced another generation of kids writes Alan Greenblatt. Highlights from his article include:

  • The last Star Wars movie came out in 2005. Yet children who were born after that are still interested in the franchise.
  • More importantly they stay interested in it as they grow up. Teenagers are just as happy as toddlers to talk about Star Wars.
  • In part this is because the makers of Star Wars have kept bringing the series to new formats. In addition to the popular television show there are Star Wars books and games.
  • Some believe that the enduring appeal is due to the father-son themes in the series. There isn’t just the relationship between Luke and (spoiler) Darth Vader, but also the master-apprentice relationship between the Jedi.
  • Others say that it’s because George Lucas introduced a variety of characters that could appeal to everybody: from the cute cuddly Ewoks to the more sinister Darth Maul.

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Source: NPR