How Much Is Virginity Worth?

October 25, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

An Australian filmmaker wanted to challenge how we view sexuality in our society by auctioning off the virginity of two young adults. Aja Romano reported on the initiative:

  • The bid for the virginity of the 20 year old female was old for almost a million dollars.
  • In contrast the 21 year old male had a bid price of just $3,000. (Don’t feel too bad for him – he’s guaranteed at least $20,000, just for participating).
  • To certify his virginity all the male had to do was have two family members state that they believed he had yet to have sex with anybody.
  • The female, on the other hand, will have her body exhaustively examined by doctors to guarantee that she is a virgin.
  • Sex, for the winning bidder, is defined as the penis entering the vagina. No kissing is allowed.
  • To evade anti-prostitution laws, the actual sex act itself will take place on an aircraft.

Read more about the initiative, the background of the filmmaker, and links to photos of the two participants over here.

Source: The Daily Dot