Facebook Profiles and Career Success

March 3, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Eve Tahmincioglu reports on a study that analyzed the relationship between the content of individual Facebook profiles and career success. Some of the predictors of success in your job include:

  • Emotional Stability – not too many passive-aggressive updates or emotional images.
  • Extraversion – having lots of friends helps.
  • Openness –the ability to consider alternative viewpoints is a good thing. In this context those who have travelled have an advantage since they’ve been exposed to different people and cultures
  • A dislike of cats. Research shows that cat-people are less extraverted and agreeable than dog people.

To read more about whether or not human resource departments can (or should) consider these attributes before making the decision to hire somebody, the other qualities that predict career success, and some limitations of the study click here.

Source: Life Inc.