Comparing Credit Scores On A Date

December 27, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

After exchanging phone numbers with the pretty person you met at the office, you might also want to exchange credit scores writes Jessica Silver-Greenberg:

  • Credit scores can affect the rates of interest you get on cars, homes, or other big purchases you might decide to make as a couple.
  • To this end it has become increasingly common for dates to ask each other about their credit history to see if they are a good match.
  • There are even online dating sites which allow you to find somebody with a credit score that meets your requirements.

Read more about how a credit check report is like a test for STDs, the stories of couples who are having difficulties in their relationship due to their credit scores, and the merits of how romantic a question it is to ask on a first date over here.

Source: The New York Times

Via: Marginal Revolution