Can Investment Banking be Hazardous to your Health?

February 17, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

MSNBC reports on a study conducted by researchers at the University of South California on the health consequences of being an investment banker:

  • Over a decade incidences of insomnia, alcoholism, heart palpitations, eating disorders and violent tempers were observed within people in the industry.
  • Working over 120 hours a week for four years causes creativity and judgment to suffer – important skills in the contemporary knowledge-based economy. What isn’t affected is technical accuracy.
  • One banker points out that investment bankers often gain weight because they don’t have the time to exercise or sleep. On the flip side he notes that they don’t have to put their lives on the line.
  • Contemporary economic problems are likely to create even more strain on the current generation of bankers.

To read more about the health effects as well as insider accounts and details of the study, click here.

Source: MSNBC