Bring Back Home Economics?

June 17, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Torie Bosch argues that it’s about time we brought back home economics. Highlights of her argument include:

  • At the turn of the 20th century schools taught girls how to cook and in general be good ‘housewives’.
  • It has since evolved into “family and consumer sciences” and while it’s now taken by both boys and girls it is far less common.
  • In the face of America’s rising obesity crisis a return to widespread home economics teaching could educate youth about healthy eating.
  • Studies suggest that contrary to popular perception, processed foods are actually more expensive than healthy alternatives. A home economics education could focus on those types of lessons.
  • Kids in two-earner households often have to cook for themselves anyway, making the lessons practical and valuable.
  • Such a course doesn’t have to take too much time away from other subjects. Math, for example, could easily be integrated into courses on food budgeting.

To read more including what Ikea believes the future of the kitchen will be, why home economics began to die out in the 1900s, the percentage of children today who learn some form of home economics, the effect that testing pressures have, and what the Journal of the American Medical Association has to say about it click here.

Source: Slate