A Piranha Disaster

July 27, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Want China Times reported on a disastrous effort by a local government to deal with a Piranha menace:

  • In the local rivers of Guangxi Zhuang region, there has been an unexplained surge in piranhas.
  • To allay fears the government offered US$160 for each piranha caught.
  • This led to an influx of aspiring fisherman who did an excellent job of killing local marine life, but not so much at catching piranhas.
  • Meanwhile businesses sprang up offering to sell imported piranhas for $1.80 per fish.
  • The government eventually abandoned the effort. 0 piranhas were caught.

To read more including some of the devastating tactics used by the fishermen, how this relates to Jaws, what the government tried to do to prevent this ‘arbitrage’ and much more click here.

Source: Want China Times

Via: Marginal Revolution