Do Poor Countries Benefit by Having Their Brightest Citizens Emigrate Away?

July 6, 2011 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Western countries are generally more than happy to accept immigrants from other countries as long as those immigrants are some of the brightest, and the most accomplished in their fields. The benefit to western countries of having the most educated students from abroad come to stay in their country is clear. But is it possible that the nonwestern countries that lose their best students could also benefit from this flow of their populace?

Yes, reports The Economist. They note that even when immigrants leave their home country they still benefit it through various ways including:

  • Remittances – money that workers from abroad send home. For some countries these money transfers can make up more than 20% of GDP.
  • The possibility of immigration encourages people to invest in their own education.
  • Citizens that go abroad often return with superior skills that encourages the transfer of ideas.

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Source: The Economist