A Case Study in Networking

September 14, 2011 in Daily Bulletin

Building a good network is on the to-do list of every business professional, and many have questions about how to create that network. Well, if you’ve got a few million dollars sitting around, we have just the solution for you! You can follow this example and buy yourself a couple dinners with Warren Buffett. That’s exactly what one man did, and now he’s buying stocks for Berkshire Hathaway – no doubt one of the most coveted jobs for anyone working in finance. The dinners were bought at Buffett’s “Power Lunch” auction at around $2.6 million each. Apparently Buffett and the winner got along well and a job offer was given and accepted. This approach may not be quite so practical for most people, though, so I don’t think LinkedIn has to worry about being forgotten in favor of a new trend quite yet.

Source: Yahoo!