Why Is Blue The World’s Favourite Colour?

September 8, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Abigail Cain wrote about the blues:

  • Across countries and genders surveys show that blue is the world’s favourite colour.
  • This seems to be because there are few negative things that are blue. Even bruises are more purple than blue.
  • Meanwhile the positive things associated with blue – sky and water – are globally appreciated and experienced.
  • This also explains why dark yellows are typically the least popular– they remind us mostly of unpleasant things.
  • Yet colour preferences have been found to change with time. The striking hues of autumn lead to a greater appreciation of shades of maroon.
  • On election day Republicans express a preference for red – the colour associated with their party – even though most of the year they like the democrats’ blue.

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Via: Marginal Revolution