What Happens When The President Takes An Interest In Your Band

October 6, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

In 2015 a largely unknown band found that they had made the cut for President Obama’s summer Spotify playlist. Alex Garofalo chronicled what happened next:

  • There was a sudden surge of interest as journalists asked to interview the band.
  • On Spotify the band saw a 18,113% surge in listening.
  • Yet there were few tangible outputs. There was no bump in album sales. And no noticeable increase in live show attendance.
  • The increased Spotify attention is great for the pockets of record companies…typically less so for the actual band.
  • It did earn the band a short meeting with the President though.
  • And it might’ve resulted in at least one extra sale – Obama asked the band to let him know when they release their next album.

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