Threat Of Nuclear Incineration Apparently Puts A Damper On Olympic Ticket Sales

October 5, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

The 2018 Winter Olympics are set to be held right next to the North Korean border wrote Steve Mollman:

  • North Korea’s recent nuclear showmanship seems to coincide with moments when their actions will receive maximum attention – during international conferences or American long weekends.
  • What better way to get noticed than to engage in mischief during the winter Olympics – to be held in a border town of South Korea, just 80km from the heavily militarized line of control.
  • Alarmingly it doesn’t look like North Korea will send any athletes to compete – erasing a major disincentive to threaten military strikes during the event.
  • The games were awarded to South Korea back in 2014, when things on the peninsula seemed more stable.
  • The tickets didn’t go on sale until recently though – and early sales have been disappointing. Only 230,000 have been sold – and organizers are starting to get creative with discounts.
  • Organizers prefer not to think about athletes potentially pulling out due to safety concerns.

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