The History Of Giant Novelty Checks

July 7, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Kelly Conaboy wrote about giant checks:

  • Who popularized the idea of giant checks? Nazis. Goebbels, in 1936, received one and it is the first such documented case.
  • But the oversized check was really born due to the invention of the portable camera and the rise of photojournalism around that time.
  • The tabloid was first born in 1919, and while its photo heavy content was derided by mainstream journalists, it was popular with readers, and giant checks made for good photo opportunities.
  • The rise of portable video cameras furthered their popularity. Game show hosts liked to film the reactions of people receiving prizes, and an oversized check made for a striking visual.
  • Contrary to popular belief giant checks can be cashed in if they’re filled out correctly.

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