The Economics Of Poke

June 29, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Poke – a Hawaiian street food typically made with raw tuna, rice, and mixed greens, has become the next big thing in food. Kate Krader examined its rise:

  • Consumers love it because it’s basically a fresh, healthy, and high-protein salad with a bit of a classy sushi edge thrown in.
  • Restaurants love to make it because all it requires is a fridge and a rice cooker.
  • Skipping the industrial oven and venting system typical for most dining establishments can shave half a million dollars off the cost of a restaurant.
  • One expert estimated that opening a poke place costs just a third of what it takes to open a regular restaurant.
  • There are risks ahead. Tuna supplies are declining and prices can erratically jump around which can make the economics very unfavourable very quickly.

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