The Economics Of Orange Juice

September 22, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Caitlin Dewey wrote about America’s love of orange juice:

  • 11 kilograms of orange juice is consumed per American per year, making it the country’s most popular source of fruit intake.
  • In contrast Americans consume a paltry 1 kilogram of fresh (unjuiced) oranges per year.
  • Orange juice made from Florida’s orange groves bring the state $900 million a year.
  • Yet the OJ affair is fading – orange juice consumption is declining as people forsake sit-down breakfasts and question the health benefits of sugary juice.
  • A disease called huanglongbing, which turns oranges bitter has infected Florida’s groves, putting pressure on supply, causing prices to go up.
  • Hurricane Irma* could be the final nail in the coffin – some estimate that as much as 70% of the harvest was lost as winds pulled unripe oranges off of trees.
  • The resulting increase in price and decline in consumption could see apple juice take orange juice’s spot as America’s #1 fruit source.

Read more on The Washington Post.

*There have been several natural disasters across the globe. Please consider donating to local charities. They could use your help.