The Economics of Being On The Bachelor

March 15, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

Allie Jones looked at what winners and losers of shows like The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, do after their run comes to an end:

  • Contestants of the show aren’t paid for their appearances.
  • To capitalize on their nascent star power they have to get moving while the show is on the air, and before a new set of contestants takes away the limelight.
  • The first step is to get Instagram. Audiences may not remember your name but they will know your face.
  • At the same time you don’t want to seem too eager for fame. After all your primary purpose to be on the show was to find true love.
  • Next up is to find brands who will pay you to post photos of yourself with their products. It’s possible to make up to $7,000 a photo this way.
  • Feel like your profile is fading after a while? You can keep the reality TV flame burning by getting a spot on Dancing With the Stars, which will even pay you a six figure salary.
  • Winners who find their soulmate on the show have other money making opportunities. The most common is to televise the wedding. The couple from the first season of the show earned $1 million this way.
  • After that? Televise sessions from couple’s therapy! Two couples have done that. In one instance the therapy show started filming just three months after the wedding.
  • Five couples have stayed together long enough to produce children, who look set to become budding social media stars of the future.

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