Red Light Districts Are Being Disrupted

May 2, 2017 in Daily Bulletin

In a wider article about India’s brothels, Poulomi Banerjee wrote that red light districts are being disrupted:

  • Email and escort websites mean people no longer have to visit red light districts, and can instead agree on meetup locations across cities.
  • Gentrification around the edges of brothels has slowly eroded away the size of red light districts as rising real estate prices make it uneconomical to operate in them.
  • Some brothels have tried to extract more from their clients by blackmailing them. The aggrieved couldn’t go to the police without reporting where they were, and this made brothels even less appealing.
  • In New Delhi’s primary red light district, the number of brothels and sex workers today is estimated to be 25% of 2001’s numbers.

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Via: Marginal Revolution